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A variety of outdoor spaces

Discover Your Perfect Outdoor Space: Lanai, Patio, Porch or Veranda?

As warmer weather approaches, homeowners begin to think about how they can make the most of their outdoor living spaces. If you’re in the market for a new outdoor space or looking to improve an existing one, you may be wondering which option is right for you: a lanai, patio, porch, or veranda? In this …

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Upgrade your office space with these top picks for comfortable and stylish office chairs!

Comfortable and Stylish: My Favorite Office Chairs for Work

Are you tired of sitting in an uncomfortable office chair that not only causes back pain but also lacks style? Look no further! As a professional who spends countless hours at a desk, I know the importance of having a comfortable and stylish office chair. And after trying out numerous options, I have narrowed down my top picks for the ultimate combination of comfort and style.

Tilt MySmartRollerShades

MySmartRollerShades by Tilt Review

Smart Roller Shades and Blinds have been on our list from day one since we moved into the new house. However, we had no idea how expensive blinds and shades can be until we started searching for options. We knew we wanted smart shades for the master bedroom at least, so we began the search for the best one without breaking the bank.

Best Electric Kettle

The Best Electric Kettles in 2020

An Electric Kettle is a small appliance that we take for granted, at least I did — until I started using one. I don’t think I can boil water any different way after using an Electric Kettle, and I am sure you will feel the same if you had one. With so many different models, functionality, and styles out there, it is difficult to pick the right one for you. Whether you are a coffee connoisseur or a tea enthusiast, there’s a kettle out there for you.