The Best Dining Chairs of 2020

Selecting the right dining chairs completes a perfect dining room

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The dining room is such an important room in our home. It’s where we share meals with our families, where we entertain friends and colleagues. It’s where we spend holidays and birthdays.
A beautifully designed dining room can be a real jaw-dropper, with carefully selected dining table, chairs, light fixture, and some beautiful accents. Many stores offer pre-selected dining sets. We are not a fan of those here at One Home Therapy. They tend to look generic and lacking that special something which makes a dining room exceptional. Dining chairs are one of the key items of an alluring dining room. We are here to help you understand how to select the right chairs for your dining table to achieve that exceptional dining room design you always wanted.
When buying dining chairs, check the width of the chairs and the width of your table to make sure they will fit between the legs of your table. You should leave at least 2” to 4” between them, so they don’t feel too crowded. If using a round or oval table, these spaces will increase.
If the chairs have arms make sure they fit under the tabletop, otherwise the footprint of your dining table will increase by a lot, which may affect the flow of the room. It may also cause damage to your furniture.
It’s important to measure from the top of the chair seat to the bottom of the table, making sure you will fit comfortably if using upholstered chairs it is advised to measure while sited or add an inch or two to the measurement. Comfortable heigh between the seat and the bottom of the table top is  between 7 and 11 inches.
The height of the chairs is also crucial. The chairs should be at least a couple of inches taller than the table itself. This will accentuate different heights, creating more interest in your space.
 Now that we have gone through the importance of measurements, let us go over the types of chairs.
If we aim for comfort, upholstered chairs are the way to go, They feel soft and cozy, they will surely make your guests stay longer, but if you would rather have chairs that are easily cleaned and more practical you might want to choose wood, weave metal, plastic or leather. Mentioned materials might not be as comfortable as upholstered ones, but they will make any spills and messes a much easier cleanup.


As for the question of which chair will go with your table. A common element like color, an accent or style will bring the table and chairs together, but too much of the same might end up looking boring. That's why we like to mix our tables and chairs for a more dramatic look using materials like: marble and wood with upholstery, wood with steel and weave, leather with stone wood or glass. Remember to choose chairs compatible to your table's scale. We hope you find a perfect chair for your dining room table below!
These contemporary upholstered dining chairs feature a slightly curved back for maximum comfort and support. Clean lines and chalk-colored seats contrast stylishly with brass legs.

Bring the clean lines and warmth of the Scandinavian style to the dining room with this contemporary woven leather dining chair. Perfect for minimalist or transitional décor, its luxurious cognac leather and natural wood finish bring elegance to the table. Its neutral colors and easy-going design goes well with various types of decor for a quaint and charming touch.

This deluxe contemporary cane dining chair brings the art of minimalism to the dining room with its clean lines and fine craftsmanship. A blend of Japanese and Scandinavian style, its elmwood, and natural cane back and seat make it a modern classic. The solid geometric shape adds a sleek design and the neutral colors allow the chair to be easily paired with and match well with other pieces. Additionally, it is offered in multiple colors to best suit your personal tastes and decor.

Energize your bed or living room décor with the Valet Bench. Luxuriously tufted buttons adorn the soft, stain-resistant velvet polyester upholstery for an exquisite look of exceptional appeal. Easy on visual space and elegantly chic, Valet comes densely padded in foam with four clear acrylic legs. The perfect addition to the modern home or apartment, instantly transform your room of choice with this exceptional piece.


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