TIKI Brand Herringbone Glass Tabletop Torch



Customize the moment with this TIKI Brand adjustable flame torch. This easy-to-use torch is beautiful & makes evenings outdoors more enjoyable. The knob control lets you easily create a larger or smaller flame to fit the occasion. The multipiece pole lets you set the height you prefer. Use it at its full height to light up your backyard & define the boundaries of your space. Remove one pole section, & now you have an attractive garden torch. Remove the pole completely, & it becomes a beautiful centerpiece for your table. The TIKI Brand adjustable flame glass Geo torch comes complete with a 4Piece pole, long-lasting fiberglass wick & a metal snuffer to extinguish the flame once the night ends. Use with TIKI Brand torch fuel & enjoy up to 12 hours of burn time with each fill. TIKI Brand torch fuel sold separately.

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