Our Favorite Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books are a great way to add style and elegance to any living space. 
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We love books. We love reading them. We love how they feel and smell, as well as how the right ones can elevate your interior style. Coffee table books are a great way to add style and elegance to any living space.  They can add that hint of color, some much-needed texture, variety, or become a statement piece on your coffee table or a credenza. Here we list our favorite coffee table books and how to style with them.
Home Accents
There are many ways to style with books. A couple of tricks I learned in my staging years in New York City were to choose the appropriate size of books for the piece of furniture like a coffee table, if you place books that are too small for a large coffee table, they will disappear and have no impact. If you choose books that are too large for a side table you are styling, they will weight down the table and make it look awkward. You want to make sure the books and the piece of furniture you are styling work in harmony.
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Some great ways to style with books is to stack two or three books with another stack, an open book in the opposite corner of the table or use a book stand which adds a little height and variation.
I'm sure most of you know this, but I will still mention it. While styling an area with coffee-table books, make sure you place the larger-book on the bottom. The book placed on top can be the same size as the book underneath. I prefer for the top book to be a half an inch smaller on each side. I like books to be similar in thickness. As for the colors, you can keep it neutral (whites, grays, blacks, beiges) for additional layers of texture and sophistication, or you can add a pop of color that ties to your accent pillows or that favorite side chair for some interest and fun.
We have combed through a lot of books out there and chose some great picks to help you elevate your style game.

Kinfolk magazine–launched to great acclaim and instant buzz in 2011–is a quarterly journal about understated, unfussy entertaining. The journal has captured the imagination of readers nationwide, with content and an aesthetic that reflects a desire to go back to simpler times; to take a break from our busy lives; to build a community around a shared sensibility, and to foster the endless and energizing magic that results from sharing a meal with good friends. Now there's The Kinfolk Table, a cookbook from the creators of the magazine, with profiles of 45 tastemakers who are cooking and entertaining in a way that is beautiful, uncomplicated, and inexpensive. Each of these home cooks–artisans, bloggers, chefs, writers, bakers, crafters–has provided one to three of the recipes they most love to share with others, whether they be simple breakfasts for two, one-pot dinners for six, or a perfectly composed sandwich for a solo picnic.


Outfit your bookshelf or dress up your coffee table with our stacks of books. Each bundle is hand-wrapped in jute twine and contains 10-12 various literary works bound in coordinating hues. Whether being read or on display, these pieces will transform your home into a personal library.


Featuring more than 170 structures, from prehistory through to today, the book includes an incredible range of buildings: awe-inspiring Neolithic monuments and the epic Pyramids of Giza feature alongside the work of twentieth-century icons, from Mies van der Rohe's seminal Barcelona Pavilion to Marcel Breuer's daring Met building in New York.


Synonymous with 21st-century glamour, Tom Ford transformed Gucci into one of the sexiest fashion brands in the world. This book features over 200 photographs of Ford’s designs for both Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent from 1994 to 2004, giving us an in-depth look at his vision for the complete design of a brand, including architecture, store design, and advertising.